How To Remove Allergens From Carpet And Upholstery?


Removing allergens in your home can be an on-going and challenging task. It's time to take action if you have always suffered from itchy eyes and a scratchy throat or if you have recently learned that allergies caused a loved one's asthma.Our professional cleaning team provides services to houses across the country and helps you get rid of those nasty allergens! In this blog, we'll tell you some cool ways to keep your carpets and upholstery clean.

So, let's check it out!

How To Clean Carpets And Upholstery?

  • you are severely allergic, you need to first remove all carpet and upholstery from your home.
  • Mop floors regularly to reduce dust.
  • Shampoo your carpets frequently.
  • Regularly steam drapery and upholstery.
  • Make sure you vacuum all of your carpets and flooring, at least, once a week.

Increase the frequency of vacuuming and mopping as paws and fur can trap and bring in dust and pollen from the outdoors around your home.


Cleaning The House

  • Clean your bathroom and kitchen sinks often.
  • Dust all baseboards, furniture, and cabinetry (and its contents) weekly.
  • Clean up unnecessary moisture in your kitchen, bathroom, and basement.
  • Every week, mop the floors and disinfect your cabinetry, backsplashes and all appliances.
  • Scrub your refrigerator more often to eradicate bacteria and mold spores.
  • Try using hypoallergenic detergent to clean your countertops effectively.

Tips To Keep The Allergens Away

  • Vacuum and wash floor mats and area rugs once every week
  • You may even need to replace it depending on the ability to do this and the severity of symptoms.
  • Keep your windows shut.
  • Use air conditioning during the pollen season.
  • Try not to keep potentially moldy dishcloths or cleaning cloths at home.
  • Eliminating allergens from your home is a comprehensive process.
  • Wipe and dust windowsills to keep them dust and mold free.

We understand how important it is for you to feel safe and comfortable in your home. Enjoy the beautiful summer allergen free. A1 Expert carpet cleaners are proficient in eradicating such allergens and would surely provide you relief from your allergies.


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