How Often You Should Clean Furniture and Upholstery?

How Often You Should Clean Furniture and Upholstery?

If your living space is like that of any other household, where the upholstery and furniture are regularly used but they are rarely looked after, the way they should. Can you remember the last time you got your furniture and upholstery cleaned? Surprisingly many of you could not register the answer to this question. Have you ever wondered, all your upholstered furniture like couches, chairs, sofas, and many other items are vulnerable to absorb oil, dirt, spillages, furs, allergens and ample of other things on a regular basis?

However, if you are a part of the league, who have no clue, as to when was the time last time when they cleaned their furniture and upholstery, then it is the high time that you should bring home the fact of getting it cleaned. There are various benefits attached to the cleaning of furniture and upholstery. They are as follows:

  • Enhances its appearance
  • Eliminates any awful odour
  • Remove all allergens
  • Extends its life
Although these factors play a vital role in driving you to clean your upholstered furniture, you should always remember that over cleaning of the fabric might leave a negative impact on the articles. So, how often you should get your furniture and upholstery cleaned?

When does the need arise to clean the furniture and upholstery?

As a matter of fact, all the upholstered pieces of furniture should be cleaned at regular intervals, in order to cut back on the grime, dirt and most importantly the allergens like dust mites and pet dander. Perhaps in most of the cases, people find their upholstered furniture looking dull, further addressing the issue by replacing it or covering it with deformed, ill-fitted covers.

But we at A1 Expert Cleaning Services assure you that your furniture could be as good as new if maintained and cleaned properly. Nevertheless, if you do not have children or pets at your house, then getting your upholstery and Furniture professionally deep cleaned at least twice a year, is a must. Furthermore, in the reverse cases, where there are many kids, cats or dogs or your house is located at a busy street, then there are chances that your upholstery and furniture might get filthy quite often.

Subsequently, in such cases, the cleaning should be frequent, which sums up to at least three or four times a year. Now, the real challenge, how do you make out that your upholstery is dirty? Do not worry, all you have to do is just take a clean, white cotton cloth and rub it all over the back and arms of your upholstered sofa. If the result is a grey, smudgy towel, then it is the time when you should get your furniture cleaned.

How Professional Cleaning of Carpet and Upholstery Reduce Allergies

Surface Cleaning

The way you vacuum your carpet, your upholstery and furniture require the same care and maintenance. Vacuuming the upholstered furniture at regular intervals is one of the essential steps to keep away the dirt, dust, and allergens from the articles. Surface Cleaning has proved to be an effective strategy to keep it dirt-free as long as possible. Moreover, this is also accounted for an imperative step before adopting anydeep cleaning methods for upholstery.

Deep Cleaning

There a number of factors responsible while considering the fact, how frequently should your upholstery and furniture are cleaned. For instance, if the upholstered furniture is placed in a room that is commonly used, or if it is used by the kids and pets many times, then it is certainly prone to get filthy more easily. Therefore, in such cases, deep cleaning is a mandate and that too at regular intervals. Furthermore, professional deep cleaners should be hired at least once or twice a year; unless you notice a foul smell or the upholstered furniture is consistently exposed to children and pets or if the manufacturer advocates frequent maintenance.

Perhaps, routine vacuuming and spot cleaning are the tasks that are recommended to be done of your own. But the fact is the professional cleaning of the upholstery is the best practice ever. One of the important reasons to hire a team of professional cleaners for upholstery is since they understand the different requirements of different fabrics. Even though it is equally crucial to clean the stains from the affected area, it is of the similar importance to consider and pick the right cleaning solutions to curb any damage to the colour or the quality of the fabric.

We can help with Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning

We at A1 Expert Cleaning Services, are well-versed with the intricacies of your furniture and upholstery. With our incontestable expert services in upholstery cleaning in Surrey and Vancouver, we have grabbed a good hold over the strategies to address every cleaning requirement of every household.

Our team of proficient cleaners employ every strategic approach to deep clean your upholstered furniture and leave it looking as good as new, smelling fresh and clean and even dry enough to use it within a couple of minutes.

So what are you waiting for? Book us now, and have happy and clean furniture.

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