How to clean human urine from carpets?


These accidents are inevitable and can happen to anyone. All you are left with is a foul-smelling carpet with human urine stains. However, a lot of people can relate to this issue, who have kids or oldies at their place.We have seen a lot of people getting panic over this, but there is no such need. We at A1 Expert Carpet Cleaning Service, the best carpet cleaners in Canada are there at your rescue.

With a few simple home remedies, you can get human urine stains off the carpets. Moreover, our professionals can help your carpet get rid of both smell and stain. Although it is important to get both the stain and odour off the carpet, the challenge is to act upon them really fast.Besides, home remedies, it is also important to go for professional deep cleaning of the carpet to eliminate the issue completely. And to help you with this confusion, as the best carpet cleaners in Surrey we have laid down this post that outlines the tips to clean human urine from the carpets and also how to get rid of the stains and odour professionally.

Home Remedies to remove human urine from carpet

Wet Towel

As soon as you encounter this issue, just pour some lukewarm water directly on the affected area to dilute the urine or you can also use a wet towel soaked in the water. The towel absorbs the maximum of the urine. Also, if you place some pressure on it and make little strokes, it will work even great. But remember; do not stamp on the affected area thinking that this would place more pressure on it.

This is because it that urine gets onto your shoes, you are certain to mess up your home space, wherever you travel in those shoes. This method can be adopted if the stain is fresh or negligible. However, if it is an old stain and is large enough then professional carpet cleaning is the only option for effective cleaning.


This is one of the oldest methods that is being used to treat human urine stains from the carpets. But the catch is that it should be done immediately, till the time the stain is wet. If it is dried, then add a little water on it prior to adding the salt. Add a little amount of salt on the affected area and look for the moisture disappearing. Keep adding till the stain dries out completely. Allow it to rest for a couple of minutes followed by vacuuming. This is considered to be one of the most effective ways of addressing such stains.


Besides salt, vinegar is also one of the best conventional solutions for cleaning stains. However, this should be the last resort, if you do not have anything else present at home to treat the stain. It will eliminate human urine to a certain extent from the carpet but not completely. But the odour will persist, and this means that the urine has not been completely expelled from the carpet. So, try and make a concoction of vinegar and detergent to be applied to the stain. Moreover, it can become more effective if you club it with some other stuff such as baking soda or salt.

Best Cleaning Agents For Human Urine From Carpets

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