Difference Between Power Washing and Pressure Washing With Pros and Cons


As a matter of fact, for the majority of people, cleaning the exteriors of the house might be a hard ball to roll. Further, the two methods employed for this task that are power washing and pressure washing makes it an even more challenging task. Since both these terms are being used interchangeably, has anyone ever wondered if they are really the same or different from each other? This might have left you bewildered. But, this is the right place where all your puzzles pertaining to these washing methods will cease. However, if asked to reply to this question in one line. Then it would be: they are similar yet different.

But, we would not just leave you thinking upon this answer. In fact, the below given detailed explanations are in the support of the above-stated statement. Considering the fundamental fact shared by both is that they use high-pressure water to withdraw any filth or other impurities from the hard surfaces. On the contrary, they also differ in certain aspects which act as the determining factor for anyone to opt for the appropriate professional cleaning method.


Power Washing is the process of eliminating the material settled on the surface, such as dirt, mould, mud, mildew and other pollutants sourced from the exterior forces of your house. The gush of high-pressure water is applied on the surface in this washing method. In contrary to the pressure washing method, the water utilized in this procedure is heated to a certain temperature.

This is because; hot water tends to simplify the task, by breaking down the contaminants and washing them away as compared to the pressure washing. Moreover, heavy power washing materials are put into practice during power washing. The word of caution while using this washing method is that one should be extremely careful if unprofessional. Rather you should hire a professional to carry out this process. As the machine is designed only to gush out the water, but the extensive power makes it highly unsafe to an unprofessional. It is best to hire a professional cleaning service to carry out all your power washing tasks without harming you or your house.

Pertaining to the fact that the water used in this procedure is high pressure. Therefore, it should be used only on hard surfaces like sidewalks, driveways, fences, decks etc., as they need extra power to be discharged of any impurities.


Pros of Power Washing

  • Can be used on unlimited hard surfaces on the exterior of your house.
  • Simple to use, provided you follow the safety rules.
  • Performs efficiently to wash out any filth in a short span of time.

Cons of Power Washing

  • If you do not comply with the safety measures while employing this method. You are most vulnerable to get injured, due to the high force of water.
  • Inappropriate for tending certain surfaces. For instance, the siding or the wood can be deteriorated if cleaned with this technique.
  • The process involves chemicals. While power washing, if this chemical falls on other delicate surfaces like shrubs, flowers etc. , then they might react poorly to these chemicals.

Pressure Washing

Since both power washing and pressure washing are being used interchangeably; there are not many differences between the two. However, there are a few differences which completely differentiate one from the other. In comparison to power washing, the water used in pressure washing is at normal temperature. This method relies on the intensity of water rather than the temperature. The water shot out in this process, is of so high intensity that it drains out all the dirt, mildew, mould or any other impurities.

Similar to power washing, pressure washing too uses heavy machinery that should be used only under expert guidance. Therefore, hiring a professional cleaning service is highly recommended if looking for a pressure washing service. As a matter of fact, the intensity of water in both power and pressure washing is the same. Consequently, it is advocated to use these cleaning techniques only on hard surfaces.

Pressure Washing

Pros of Pressure Washing

  • Lends your house an improved radiant and fresh appearance.
  • Although used in tough cleaning task, yet lowers the risk of damaging your outdoor home features.
  • Efficient cleaning process.
  • If done at regular intervals, extends the life of the exterior features of your house.

Cons of Pressure Washing

  • If not done considering the safety measure, it can also damage your property.
  • The velocity of the water used is high enough to rip off your flesh. Therefore, handle it with care or hire a professional for the same.
  • Research your targeted areas before cleaning. Since the chemical concentrations used in pressure washing may damage your property, if not applied properly.


So, now when you are in the complete knowledge of the minor differences between power washing and pressure washing, it's time decipher and pick the best one for your house.

Whichever, type of washing method you settle upon, just consider the fact that it is always a wise decision to hire a professional cleaning service for that. If you are unprofessional in using a pressure washer or power washer, you could land up ruining the surface you are working on.

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