Cleaning Cat and Dog Urine Stains From Carpet

Cleaning Cat and Dog Urine Stains From Carpet

Got some tough pet urine stains on your carpet? These are the outcomes of just any other accidents which are not under your control. But there is nothing to worry about. You still have control over the things that you can do to clean cat and dog urine stains from carpet.

However, there are numerous ways to remove pet urine stains from the carpets. Yet there are both wrong and right ways to do that. To list a few wrong ways, some people resort to soap and water, household cleaners and even perfumed sprays to eliminate both the stains and the odour. But we are here to help you explore some right strategies to be employed as pet urine remover. So without any further ado, let’s skim through some best pet stain remover tips.

How to Clean Cat and Dog Urine Stains From Carpet?

In case you are addressing a fresh and wet stain, you are recommended to either use a dry cloth or a product with absorbent granules to dry out the affected area thoroughly. Once you have ensured that the particular areas have been soaked up properly, you need to pour out or spray some pet stain remover on that part of your carpet. Make sure that the remover should comprise of some live bacteria and enzymes that react on the area effectively.

Since these natural organisms help in eliminating the odour-producing bacteria that might have settled at the deepest of the fibres of your carpet, they are a must-have ingredient in your remover product. Another reason for watching out for these while picking a stain remover is that these bacteria work until there is no residue of these stains or odour left. Moreover, these products also consist of mild cleansers which help you keep your carpets retain its colors and fibers in their original form, leaving behind a pleasant smell.

Cleaning Cat and Dog Urine Stains From Carpet

Cleaning Dried/Set-in Stains

Although attending the fresh and wet stains is always a wise decision. But there are times when one could not take note of the cat and dog urine stains on the carpets well in time. Consequently, with time these stains dry out and get tough. Subsequently cleaning these set-in stains require altogether a different approach in cleaning them. However, unlike fresh stains the set-in stains cannot be removed with the same pet stain removers. You require a different product that constitutes of more active and aggressive enzymes to react on the affected area.

The market is swelled with different types of products that help you in cleaning cat and dog urine stains from carpet. But you should be quite clear with your purpose while picking the product. There are products that are specifically concocted for tough pet urine stains. They contain particular enzymes that work deeper and harder to remove these set-in urine stains. Furthermore, for best results, you should apply it once again after the 24 hours of first application.

How to be cautious about future incidents?

Once you have been successful in removing the stains, try and avoid letting your pet hover over the carpet. This is because the cats and dogs are supposed to visit a particular area again and again that reminisces them of their personal fragrance.

Get your pet medically examined by a veterinarian to preclude any medical causes for these accidents if any. Following that, if you discover that your pet is free from any such medical causes; you can train your cat or dog to discharge urine in a proper place.

Words of Caution

Since you have explored some best ways to remove cat and dog urine stains from carpet, you should also be aware of the fact that certain solutions available in the market are deemed to cause discoloration and fiber damage to your carpet. So be careful while using these products on the carpets made of fragile fabrics like silk, wool or nylon.

Cleaning Cat and Dog Urine Stains From Carpet

Bottom Line

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