DIY Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Home


Welcome Spring! Finally, the sun is shining, and winter is long gone — a perfect time to forget the winter blues and revamp your home. Many people are reluctant to participate in spring cleaning every year, with summer vacations right around the corner. After all, who wants to spend a massive amount to deep clean their home? Here at A1 Carpet Cleaning Services, we encourage the idea of DIY cleaning with professional quality results. Here are some instrumental DIY techniques to clean your house in spring.

Use Anything Handy

Before you rush out to the store to buy rags, cleaners, brushes, and other cleaning supplies, carefully take inventory of what you've got already. Probably you have enough cleaners around your home to get started. Let's check out some of the handy stuff you can use to spring clean:


Dish Sponge:

Before you toss away used dish sponge, think how effective they are in spring cleaning. First, clean them in the dishwasher and then use them on baseboards, toilet bowls, walls – the list goes on and on. Getting sore knees after scrubbing floors? Next time you scrub place a couple of sponges underneath your knees to keep your knees from getting sore.


It is recommended you replace your toothbrushes every 3-4 months. They are great for cleaning all corners that larger brushes miss. They can make their way into tight, hard-to-reach places and the bristles break up dirt and grime well. So don't throw away a toothbrush ready to be replaced. Try putting it to work on your grout, showerhead, kitchen sink, or window track.


Cleaning Supplies Under the Kitchen Sink:

: Before you start cleaning, pull everything under the kitchen sink out. Many of us purchase cleaning products on every grocery trip, and cleaning supplies pile up underneath the kitchen sink. First, check the expiration dates. Take out all the expired stuff, separate the remaining cleaners according to their functions. Put your furniture cleaners together, and then your window/glass cleaners, and then carpet cleaners – you get the idea. After sorting the cleaners, you can start from anywhere. Easy peasy!

Professional carpet cleaners also deep clean homes – not just carpets. You can hire professionalcarpet cleaners to get the desired look for your house. Spring cleaning takes planning and time, but hopefully, our DIY tips helped you with getting started and saving a little money in the process. A1 Carpet Cleaning Services wishes you a joyous spring. Happy cleaning!

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