Flooding and Carpet Restoration

Flooding & Carpet Restoration

A1 Expert Cleaning specialises in all types of flood restoration, for eg. faulty plumbing, wet weather, broken appliances, etc. Even though your carpets have been exposed to water, by our special cleaning treatment you can restore it to save your money for a replacement. Our treatment by high-powered truck-mounted machine is helpful to extract flood water from your carpets to restore it from flood damage. Sometimes the carpets need to be uplifted and the underlay removed, cleaned and dried. Then to kill mound and bacteria, we apply a special sanitising agent.

A1 Expert Cleaning has many professional dehumidifiers and air drying equipment available to speed up the drying process. Any outwork can be professionally restored at our drying facilities. Flood damage to carpet varies, so the procedure of cleaning also varies with the situation. Our technicians evaluate each carpet damage due to flood individually to get the right cleaning solution.

Things to do before our emergency team arrives.

  • Until electricity supply has been turned off, avoid touching any electrical devices in the flooded area.
  • Make sure water is not leaking from any water valve, else close it.
  • Take your possessions to a dry area to save it from damage.
  • Contact us NOW – We are reliable to take care of everything else.


  • Call an appropriate, licenced service company to eliminate the water source and make necessary repairs as required.
  • Make sure circuit breakers are not supplying electricity to wet areas, unplug and take away electrical appliances from wet carpet.
  • For wet wall to wall carpeting, take away oriental rugs or other coloured rugs.
  • Objects of aesthetic value like paintings and sculptures need to be taken to dry place.
  • Better put aluminium foil or wood blocks under furniture legs.
  • To prevent watermarks, hang draperies and pin up furniture skirts.
  • You better have a plan for our restoration crew to safely move large furniture to a specified dry area.
  • Collect all loose items like loose toys etc from floors.


  • To drain water you may use your household vacuum cleaner(Be careful of electrical shock).
  • Avoid leaving books, magazines or other coloured items on carpets, as these can put the stain on it.
  • Dry wet carpets as soon as possible by leaving it on the floor.
  • Stay away from rooms if ceilings are sagging by retained water.

Untreated water damage corresponds to greater loss of time and money. Act fast to flooding damage to save your assets. The restoration procedures are designed to prevent the growth of mould and mildew by eliminating moisture. Water can withstand up to three days in a wet carpet, for its safety you must react immediately. Eventually, the decision to restore carpet depends upon the type of water by which it is affected.

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