Pet Hair Removal

Pet Hair Removal

Of all what annoys you most for keeping pets at home? Is their scattered hair that are very difficult to clean, eventually going into our food. Now for your demise, A1 expert carpet cleaning in surrey is available with comprehensive solutions for cleaning and clearing fallen hair of your pet.

Using finest pet hair remover, our cleaners sensitively indulge into the cleaning of lint and pet hair on your furniture, upholstery, carpet or any other surface messed with pet hair or lint. Products we use are of quality and not easily found in the market, indeed we have chosen most trusted one after testing thoroughly on pet hair removal cleaning tasks. A1 carpet cleaning in Surrey assures you are no more frustrated by your pet, by our best cleaning service for pet hair removal.

How We Can Remove Pet Hair By Ourselves

There is a saying, ” pet hair sticks fabric tighter than a squirrel with a nut in the middle of winter”. Unfortunately, the high cost of leather sofa makes people compromise with fibre one that is prone to clinging dog hair, ultimately putting you to your hands and knees for inch to inch cleaning. However, by our useful tips of pet hair removal, you can save your energy and time.

Ways to Remove Pet Hair from Furniture

  • Wear dampened rubber gloves and attract hair by running hands over the surface of upholstery and fabric to remove pet hair. Make sure to move your quick hand underneath couches and cushions to clean. You can also use a slightly wet sponge as an alternative of rubber gloves.
  • Make a mixture of fabric softener and water, then lightly spray it over upholstered furniture and wipe it.
  • Use anti-static dusting spray that eliminates electric charge to make hair removal easier and less likely to stick.

Cleaning Pet Hair Off Floors

  • Gently scrape the surface of carpet by a pumice stone to gather all the stuck hair, even this does not let your carpet get rough and dry during winters. You can also use furminator instead of equally effective pumice stone.
  • Use an electrostatic or microfiber dry mop on hardwood, laminate or other bare floors. Avoid using vacuums that can blow the hair around versus corral.
  • If vacuuming, make sure you go over area twice to loosen stubborn hair. Otherwise buy a pet vacuum cleaner with extra strong suction power.

Get rid of pet hair from your clothes

  • You can roll a lint roller over your clothes, this can save you from embarrassment before you leave for meeting with friends.
  • If your clothes have larger quantities of hair, throw your clothes in the dryer for 10 minutes. Add a liquid water softener that helps loosen stuck hair.

Try to mitigate factors like static electricity and low humidity that can worsen the scenario of already stuck hair. Request a quote anytime, if looking for any kind of cleaning solution.

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