Stain and Odour Removal


Cleaning is all about not leaving even a spot on walls or floor. Cleaning is a service which leaves behind the shine, the grace and a perfect fragrance.

But a room with stubborn stains and bad odour are sure to cast a very bad impression on the onlooker. Here is the time we come for help with the best equipment and knowledge of ways to serve. we surely provide the best cleaning service for your house or office.

We consider cleaning as art and hence offer you personalized and skilled services which just pacify every mind. Now, a spotless room with a fresh fragrance is just one call away!

Removing Water Soluble Stains From Carpet

A1 carpet cleaning in surrey ensures to clean water-based stain while it is still fresh. After clearing the solid pieces of stain from fabric, we clean it by a little plain water. Then our cleaners blot it gently with a white towel, starting from the edges to move inwards. If the spot of stain is still visible, a mild solution of hand dish soap and water is preferred to blot again. Later, cleaners rinse out soap with clean water. Water-based stains are generally easy to clean from carpets.

Removing Stains of Soda, Fruit, Jelly, Alcohol or Paint

Water-soluble stains by soda, fruit juice, jelly or alcohol are little hard to wash away from fabric, due to the presence of enzymes in these food items or beverages. These enzymes grab onto carpet more fiercely and even become darker if exposed to heat or acidic items. If washing by water fails, use a solution of dish soap and water on the woollen fabric. Whereas, a mixture of ammonia with water will work better for non-woven fabric.

Washing Fat and Oil-Based Stains From Carpets

The tendency of fat and oil to naturally stick with fabric makes it very difficult to wash away from the carpet. Even for synthetic carpet, these substances grab on to petroleum in the carpet. Being aware of the difficulty of washing fabric by fats and oil stains, carpet manufacturers add a coating in carpet for easy washing of such sticky stains. For carpets with stain-fighting treatment, typical solution of water and dish soap will work, it is advisable to contact us if the fabric is not having resistible stain coating, our cleaners will use proper cleaning methods to get rid of these harsh and sticky stains.

Stain Cleaning For Wax And Gum

If oil and fat are sticky on your carpet, then wax and gum are a mess! You would never like to have. If unlucky, try to make sure it does not ground deep into the fibre of the carpet, as it can cause significant damage to the carpet. Our cleaners cover the wax and gum, with ice until frozen. After substance(wax or gum) is frozen, it is gently pulled away, starting from edges, with safety.

Avoid scrubbing fabric harshly, as it can weaken the fabric and make it vulnerable to future washing.

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